A Few Ideas To Get You Going On Bathroom Renovations

bathroom renovations

When it comes to bathroom renovations, most homeowners tend to keep their eyes on how the new room can look better than before or function better. What many people fail to realize though, is that bathroom renovations cost as much if not more than simple makeovers. However, there are plenty of practical matters to think about when performing a bathroom renovation, especially if it is your very first attempt.


Before getting into bathroom renovations ideas and concepts, some factors should be considered. Most people, who think of renovating their bathroom, usually picture changing the paint to neutral colours. While this is an option, it does not address one of the biggest issues with a bathroom – the plumbing. Not having the right plumbing skills to handle sanitaryware and other supplies can cost you more money than the price of a new paint chip. Here is where bathroom renovations design comes in handy.

If you are looking into bathroom renovations but do not have a lot of experience in plumbing, you may want to hire a professional plumber for advice. You can find several plumbers by looking in your telephone book or online. They will be able to give you some valuable plumbing tips and information that can help you decide on the best bathroom renovations idea. The plumber can also recommend the right and necessary plumbing tools.

Fixtures and Accessories

As stated above, most people consider updating the bathroom with new fixtures and accessories. This alone can cost you up to thousands of dollars. The bathroom renovations cost depends on what material you choose, the plumbing style you use, and other elements that you will need for installation. Other bathroom renovations cost less than others but you must keep in mind that the less expensive fixtures and supplies might break easily.

bathroom renovations

In addition to the actual cost of the fixtures and supplies, other costs will affect the total bathroom renovations cost. The cost of the plumbing company will include labour costs, charges for damage or destruction that may occur, and lastly, the cost of the fittings, fixtures, accessories, and tiles. If you already have old bathroom fittings in the bathroom that are starting to show signs of wear and tear, you can save money by refurbishing these fittings and supplies as well as replacing broken ones.


It is extremely important that before you make any final decisions on bathroom renovations and fittings, you check around with several different contractors. Find one that has experience so you know that your ideas are in good hands. There are many contractors out there and it is difficult to discern the skill level of the contractors. It is best to start with a referral from a friend or relative. After you have been to a few different contractors, then you can move on to the next step of hiring a contractor and renovating your bathroom.


Before you renovate, also consider your budget for bathroom renovations. You need to set a budget and stick to it so that you don’t overspend on your home renovation project. Also, consider where the renovations will take place and how extensive the renovations will be. For example, if you are planning on installing new bathroom fixtures, such as sinks and tubs, you should take into account where they will be located to determine the cost of installation. For instance, if you are planning to install a new sink, bathtub, or toilet in a room with a large window, you should factor in the cost of the window coverings and window treatments so that you can calculate the total cost of the home renovation.

No matter how excited you may be, do not get started on your bathroom renovations until you have carefully considered all of the above factors. Don’t rush your bathroom renovation project, no matter how tempting you may feel because you want to be in front of the “wants” of the new bathroom renovations you are planning. It is much more exciting to renovate an outdated bathroom than it is to renovate a brand new bathroom. It is also important to research bathroom renovations before you begin your bathroom renovation project so that you will know what the price range and the scope of the project are.