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Townsville Bathroom

Townsville Bathroom Renovations



    Everyone's bathroom requires a complete renovation at some time. Some bathrooms are old style, and they are needed to be equipped with the latest functionalities and features while others are just dirty and broken and needed repairment and replacement of different parts. It is a fact that the bathroom is one of the most frequently visited areas of the home.

    At Townsville Bathroom Renovations, we believe that due to this, the bathroom should be a relaxing and enjoyable place, a place where you can forget your worries when you take a bath with warm water. For this to happen, your bathroom should be renovated by some high standard bathroom renovators. At this place, we would like to introduce us, the best bathroom renovation services provider in the Townsville.

    We have been a part of this business for more than two decades. It's a long time to learn the experience that helps in providing high standard bathroom renovation services. In this long time, we have gathered a team of professionals, skilled and qualified, that can turn your wildest bathroom dream into a reality. Just rely on us, we assure you that we will never disappoint you.

    About Us

    We are one of the front-line bathroom renovation companies in the Townsville, AU. Our high standard bathroom renovation services have no comparison to that of our competitors. You will be astonished when you will know the price range at which we are providing these top-notch bathroom renovation services. No other company in town has such a long experience in this business as we have.

    We have been in this field of work for more than two decades! In this long time, we have done thousands of bathroom renovations jobs of every scale, from a small home to a large commercial hotel. At Townsville Bathroom Renovations, We have the most skilled and qualified professionals, who have years of experience in a bathroom renovation. If you still don't believe our expertise, why not visit our office and our associates will brief you in detail about us.


    We have experts in every job that comes under the umbrella of bathroom renovation. We offer a wide range of high standard bathroom renovation services here at the Townsville, UA. Including, but not limited to, wall and floor tiling.

    Waterproofing, floor levelling and screeding, stone tiling, shower repairs, and many more. We want to give a piece of advice that never wastes money by choosing some low standard bathroom renovators which will not only destroy the look of your bathroom but will waste your hard-earned money and valuable time too. If you want the best results always trust a high standard bathroom renovation services provider like us.

    At Townsville Bathroom Renovations, we have the team, the experience, the skills, and the creativity to turn tour dream bathroom into a reality. Contact us today without wasting a moment!

    Bathroom renovation - Townsville Bathrooms

    Bathroom Renovations

    We are a master of bathroom renovations. We have been renovating bathrooms for more than two decades. Whether your bathroom needs big or small renovation, you can rely on our services. A well-renovated bathroom not only increases the value of your property but will provide you with a better experience at home.

    You can even flex your well-renovated bathroom to your guests. At Townsville Bathroom Renovations, we want to give our customers what they want and what they are paying most efficiently and effectively. You just have to communicate your bathroom needs to us and we will take care of that.

    Bathroom renovation - Townsville Bathrooms


    Leakage of the bathroom is one of the most common problems faced by many people. The common cause is that they choose some sub-standard bathroom renovators who did an abysmal waterproofing job. If you don't want to face such a problem, always choose high standard waterproofing service provider like us.

    We have the best professionals for this job. If water keeps leaking, it can lead to structural damage and mould issues. Most common places from which water leaks are around taps and sinks, and from space in between tiles. Just call us, and we are going to take care of waterproofing your bathroom, which will last many years.

    "Many thanks to these guys, they did a great and amazing bathroom renovation job! They renovated both of our bathrooms. They worked diligently to give two different looks that suit the overall look of the house. All of them were responsible and skilled and provided outstanding results with absolute professionalism." Andy, M.

    Floor Levelling & Screeding

    An unleveled floor is not only ugly but also demolishes the functionality of your bathroom by hindering the proper flow of water to sink on the floor of the bathroom. Only a high standard bathroom renovator will spend time on proper levelling the floor before installing tiles on it. Otherwise, it may lead to gaps between tiles.

    Our experts have years of experience levelling and screeding different types of floor. We assure you that with our experts you will never face issues with floor levelling and screeding. Just call us and experts will be there in no time.

    Bathroom renovation - Townsville Bathrooms

    Shower Repairs

    Every bathroom needs renovation time to time, but if you tried to save money by postponing them, then later it will require a significant complete renovation of your bathroom. If your shower Is damaged, always try to get it repaired as soon as possible and remember, only choose some professional bathroom renovation service provider like us. Otherwise, you will again need bathroom renovation very soon.

    At Townsville Bathroom Renovations, we provide our customers with a long-lasting and permanent solution to their bathroom problems. Don't hesitate a moment to contact us. We have the most friendly associates who will guide you.

    Bathroom renovation - Townsville Bathrooms

    "they are the best bathroom renovation services provider on the Townsville. I want to admire the skills of their workers who did a fantastic job. I am delighted with the job they have done. Now my bathroom got an appealing and luxurious look. I will surely recommend these guys to my family and friends. Adam, J.

    Bathroom renovation - Townsville Bathrooms

    Wall & Floor Tiling

    Tiling is the most critical component of modern bathrooms. It might get hard for you to choose the right type and best combination of tiles for your bathroom. We offer you our help. Our experts will turn your experience of choosing tiles into enjoyment. At Townsville Bathroom Renovations, our experts will guide you from choosing them to installing them on the floor or wall of your bathroom.

    Always prefer some high standard bathroom renovators like us for installing wall and floor tiles of your bathroom. Our professional tilers have 20 years of experience in this field. Don't shy in asking us for help. We are available 24 by 7 to pick your call.

    Bathroom renovation - Townsville Bathrooms

    Stone Tiling

    Stone tiles have their vibe and natural look that no other tile can match. They look exquisite and unique, that is why they are so popular nowadays. If you want stone tiles in your bathroom, then contact us today. Our experts will give you brief detail on what type of tile suits your needs and budgets.

    Never rely on sub-standard bathroom renovators like our competitors. Always choose a high standard bathroom renovation service provider like us. At Townsville Bathroom Renovations, our knowledgeable associate will tell you everything you should know before choosing stone tiles. Call us today!

    "I these them to renovate my bathroom last Monday. The expertise of their workers is amazing. They carefully listen to the customer and work with the customer in a close relationship to renovate your bathroom in the determined budget. Their dedication towards job distinguishes them from other bathroom renovation companies on Townsville! They worked hard and delivered the required results in the given time. Now my bathroom looks so amazing. I can't believe it, and I enjoy every time I enter it. Thank you, guys, for providing quality bathroom renovation services." Shaun, L.

    Contact Townsville bathroom Renovations Today

    If you are seeking high standard and long-lasting bathroom renovation for your bathroom in the Townsville, AU, then you are the right spot. We offer you our best, high standard and affordable bathroom renovation services. We can provide you withprecisely what you are looking for in your bathroom.

    Just rely on our skilled and qualified professional for your bathroom renovation, we assure you that you will feel proud for choosing our services for your bathroom renovation. We can completely change the look of your bathroom regardless of how difficult it is. If your bathroom has leakage problems or tiles are getting loose or any other issue with your bathroom, please don't just leave it otherwise it may develop to a severe problem for your bathroom if remained untreated.

    Now, it might need a little repair, but later it may cause you to pay much more money to get repaired. We offer you our expertise for your bathroom renovation. We have many satisfied customers; you can check their reviews. Our customer satisfaction is our goal, and we try our best to achieve it.

    Why wait for another day to contact Townsville Bathroom Renovations? Our associates are prepared all the time to welcome you. Pick your phone, dial our number and contact us!